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Art by Women About Menstruation

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Blood Art - Menstrala
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Menstrala is the art of menstrual journaling and painting.
Welcome to Blood Art - Menstrala.

Women are painting with their menstrual blood. It's daringly expressive and makes powerful personal political art.

Give it a try, see how it makes you feel, share your experience and post some pics of your own menstrual blood art here to share.

Consider some of these questions for discussion:

Does making art using your menstrual blood change your attitude or build expectations toward your menstrual cycle?

Does this creative outlet improve your physical experience of menstruating?

How do you feel when you begin tapping into something that's considered by most of society to be taboo? Have you seen the thriller movie "Carrie," adopted from Stephen King's novel? And, have you seen the movie "Agora" about Hypatia, which contains a visual of her menstrual blood in an empowering context?

What do you think your menstrual blood art says in a world that is used to seeing blood only in traumatic or violent instances?

Does this experience empower you in ways you care to share with younger girls?

An easy way to collect your menstrual blood is to use a menstrual cup such as The Keeper, The Divacup, The Miacup, or The Mooncup. If you have never seen or used one, I recommend viewing this short video "How to use a menstrual cup" produced by The Scottish Boomerang 2007.

One way to seal your Menstrala art is by mixing acrylic gloss medium with your menstrual blood before you start painting.

Menstrual blood art, or Menstrala, is defined as the creative expression of your menstrual experience, which could be in the form of journaling or painting. It preferably contains your menstrual blood.

To post your Menstrala to this community, you must join to become a member, and then submit your post for moderation approval. Your posts are most welcome!

The word Menstrala was coined by Vanessa Tiegs, to represent her collection of 88 paintings, which affirm the hidden forbidden bright red cycle of renewal. May the word Menstrala become universal, just like our cycles.

Today, Vanessa is creating a new collection of artworks called Mind & Menstrala, which is dedicated to the dark feminine archetypes of astromythology. Her Menstrala reappear as elements of the mythological stories in Mind & Menstrala.

Send any questions to vanessa @ stateofHerArt.com

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