Menstrala: Paintings by Vanessa Tiegs (spiralingmoon) wrote in blood_art,
Menstrala: Paintings by Vanessa Tiegs

Sexuality and Menstruation

I believe that woman's sexuality and menstruation are undeniably intertwined. Each has a significant effect on the other. Wouldn't you say? If someone has a different experience, I hope they will share it.

Yet the menstrual phase of the cycle has been notoriously treated, as if it were completely divorced from woman's sexuality and "all that" which supposedly makes a woman either sexually attractive or agreeable to society. The menstruating woman is portrayed, when and if at all, as being anything but sexually attractive. Why even derogatory words, like lunatic and hysterical, essentially arose from woman's menstruation. In the Victorian era, doctors ascribed hysteria to the menstrual phase of a woman's cycle until the later term PMS took its place.

With such conditioning of woman being "on the rag," I found it quite interesting when an Asian porn star named May Ling Su introduced me to her menstrual celebration aspect of her work. On her website she describes her monthly sea sponge rituals and also shows erotic photographs and video clips of herself during her period, a few which are viewable to non-paid subscribers in her monthly journal section on her site:

Here's a woman in the industry of pornographic entertainment, writing reverently about her monthly blood flow and presenting herself as feeling sexually attractive particularly during her menstrual time. As writer, creator, producer, editor, director, graphic artist, web-developer, star, you name it of her public broadcast, this seemingly inconceivable bridging of menstruation and sexuality is possible.

What is your view on portraying menstruation and sexuality together?
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