artemenstrual (artemenstrual) wrote in blood_art,

Menstrual Art contest in Mexico

Hi every one,

I'm not sure there still any-one on this community following up since there seams not to be to much activity lately.
I wanted just to let you know we have organized a menstrual art contest in Mexico. Since this is the first time we have done it and since we had no idea how much participation we where going to get; this first time the contest is just for mexican or foreigners living in Mexico.
If all goes well we will try to organize some thing that could be world wide.
Mean while if any of you would like to share you paintings as an inspiration for the new participant or just to let other see them. Please let us know by email us to info at artemenstrual dot org.
Why a contest you might ask. Well it was though as a way to create an incentive for more women or men to try.
So if any of you that had already painted with menstrual blood, would like to help voting, please let us know to.
To visit the web site:
I wise all awesome times ahead.
Tags: menstrual art
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