kklamarie (kklamarie) wrote in blood_art,

questions on getting started with menstrala?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the idea of menstrala, but think it would be a fun and interesting project. I've been becoming a whole lot more spiritual and in touch with my body lately, and reading some of the awesome posts on this blog has really shown me that this could be a really awesome thing for me to do!
So I have a few questions, as I want to make sure I'm doing things the right away (and avoiding any safety/health issues). How do you store your blood until you use it? Does it need to be refrigerated, or just kept in a jar? How long can you keep it before you should throw it out? Do you do anything to seal the pictures after you're done painting? Are there any other weird logistics/tips for doing menstrala?
Thanks so much for your help ladies. I can't wait to get started - which should be next weekend!
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