Eruanna (eruannatel) wrote in blood_art,


I know this community looks faaaiiirrly dead, but Im hoping enough of the listed members are still active on LJ that I might get some feedback. I cant actually seem to find any other online communities for this and as a totally newbie I was rather hoping to be able to interact with other women who do this!

This is my first try at it and Im really looking for some feedback.

My Full Journal Post Here

Thanks! Hope some of you are still there ;)
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Deleted comment

Thank you :)
I really like it. I like the symbols and the spirals. Very woman centred and focused. You can not paint anything wrong when painting with blood as they blood tells you what to paint (c:

I still check my friends list and communitees but no longer use my journal.
Thank you very much! I find that painting with menstrual blood brought to mind a lot of themes such as womanhood and sexuality, and what these things mean to me as a female.

Im glad you like it.
I'm still here! nice work
Thanks a lot ^_^
It's beautiful!
Thank you!