miranda (maandusa) wrote in blood_art,

blood preservation?

hi ladies (and gents?)!

i'm interested in menstrual art, but two projects i would like to do aren't paintings, and i need some advice from those of you used to working with blood as a medium...

first of all -- and please don't judge, i know it seems cheesy -- i want to create a blood vial necklace containing a little of my blood and a little of my husband's. i have some vials to work with, and i plan to seal them permanently with adhesive and decoratively with wax possibly. anyway, i have no idea how to go about preserving the blood so that it doesn't evaporate, rot, clot, change color, etc... i don't mind a little darkening, of course, but i still want it to be obviously our blood. i don't even mind if it's just a couple drops from each of us -- doesn't have to be a full vial... so i'm wondering if using alcohol, oil, or some other "carrier" would work? actually, it would be quite interesting visually if it was a few drops "floating" in a clear solution such as alcohol/oil.

secondly, i have a glass bottle in the shape of a female torso that is currently filled with a red-tinted liquid and silk flowers, which i use as one of my Goddess statues. i would like to empty it, and refill it using my mentstrual blood and some herbs that represent the Goddess. again, i would be happy to include a carrier liquid and the amount of blood doesn't have to fill the bottle (it's about 4 - 5 inches tall -- that's a lot of blood!). this will then be sealed with cork and wax most likely (as it currently is), but i can also include a permanent sealant if necessary.

so, i am looking to this community for suggestions of how i can accomplish this -- preserving the blood in liquid form to prevent rancidity, clotting, etc.

i appreciate any suggestions!
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