Menstrual Art contest in Mexico

Hi every one,

I'm not sure there still any-one on this community following up since there seams not to be to much activity lately.
I wanted just to let you know we have organized a menstrual art contest in Mexico. Since this is the first time we have done it and since we had no idea how much participation we where going to get; this first time the contest is just for mexican or foreigners living in Mexico.
If all goes well we will try to organize some thing that could be world wide.
Mean while if any of you would like to share you paintings as an inspiration for the new participant or just to let other see them. Please let us know by email us to info at artemenstrual dot org.
Why a contest you might ask. Well it was though as a way to create an incentive for more women or men to try.
So if any of you that had already painted with menstrual blood, would like to help voting, please let us know to.
To visit the web site:
I wise all awesome times ahead.

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Hi everyone, I don't know if this community is still active on here but I've recently started experimenting with my menstrual blood, and I thought I'd share.
I've opened a tumblr page where you can see my work. I'm also explaining how I came to do it. I find it very liberating.
Here's a link in case you'd like to take a look :
Dessin 9ld

Thank you :)

questions on getting started with menstrala?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the idea of menstrala, but think it would be a fun and interesting project. I've been becoming a whole lot more spiritual and in touch with my body lately, and reading some of the awesome posts on this blog has really shown me that this could be a really awesome thing for me to do!
So I have a few questions, as I want to make sure I'm doing things the right away (and avoiding any safety/health issues). How do you store your blood until you use it? Does it need to be refrigerated, or just kept in a jar? How long can you keep it before you should throw it out? Do you do anything to seal the pictures after you're done painting? Are there any other weird logistics/tips for doing menstrala?
Thanks so much for your help ladies. I can't wait to get started - which should be next weekend!

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Hello everyone! I am 16, almost 17. I recently joined and it's great to be able to communicate with others who share an interest in the honoring, instead of shaming menstruation. I've always had an interest in menstruation. I wanted my period SO badly for about 3 years before I actually got my period ( I was 13 when I started ). You always hear people say, oh you'll hate it once you get it. I never did hate it. I do get mild to severe cramps and sometimes my period can be a little inconvenient, but I've never hated it. There's something amazing about being able to create another person, you are truly creating life and menstrual blood is a symbol of that. I use a menstrual cup (Divacup) and I always felt that throwing my menstrual blood down the toilet was a shame and a waste. I have not painted with my blood, and don't have much of interest in doing that because I'm not much of a painter. I am trying to become more spiritual though and am planning on giving my blood back to Earth by pouring it on the ground. It feels kind of ridiculous but maybe it will feel right once I do it, knowing that my blood is nurturing the Earth instead of being chemically filtrated in a water processing plant like it's poison. I also think it would be very interesting to use my blood as ink. I have a quill pen and I am thinking about writing with my blood ( in a journal, that is private ). Anyways, I've started collecting my blood for that last 2 days of my cycle for these reasons, so here is my moon blood (with a moon stone).



It's my second month using a menstrual cup (diva cup) And I'm absolutely LOVING it. Menstrala is such powerful art form, It truly speaks to me. I am 14, and am proud of my period. Most people my age are embarrassed and would do ANYTHING to not have a period. I think of my period as a gift. I embrace my womanhood. I started doing menstrala last month, my first month using my menstrual cup. I've told alot of my close friends about menstrual cups and menstrual art, most think that menstrual art revolting, but I accept that they aren't comfortable with their menstrual cycle. I embrace mine. A few of my friends are actually looking into getting a menstrual cup. I am proud that at this age, I am inspiring teens to embrace their menstruation.
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My first menstrual blood paintings

I got my first menstrual cup this month (a small Yuuki)! I didn't even know such things existed until about two months ago, but they are fantastic. My cup is really comfortable, it doesn't leak & I don't have to change it all the time like a tampon.

I did some paintings with my blood this month (for the first time). It was a lot more interesting than I expected, menstrual blood is very different to work with compared with paint (it is gooey & stretchy, a bit like paint mixed with glue except more stretchy than that).
I used 5x7 inch watercolour paper for my paintings.

This is the first painting that I did (it is sort-of a woman symbol): I used the blood from the centre of this painting as my "paint-pot" from which I painted the rest of the picture. The photo was taken soon after I finished painting:

I wanted to frame the above 5x7 inch image, but the only frame I had was an A4 size... so I created a background using a piece of A4 computer paper. First I painted the paper with watered down blood, then I dribbled blood over it (the paper crinkled a lot because it was thin). The final framed A4 image below used about 70% of my blood for this cycle (my flow is fairly light):

For the below painting, I poured 1/3 of a teaspoon of blood onto the left side of the piece of paper, then used the blood from that 'splotch' to make the rest of the painting (I used the handle of the paintbrush to make all the lines and dots, I only used the brush part to paint the watered down background):

The following picture was painted using 1/4 teaspoon of brown blood from day 3 of my cycle (usually the blood in my menstrual cup is red, but this time it was brown):

This "goblin" critter was painted on day 4, with the last bit of blood from my cycle this month (the blood was still very red, but less stretchy than at the start of my bleeding). The photo was taken as soon as I'd finished painting (the colour is a bit strange because I was using a lamp instead of daylight):

The following morning (10 hours later) the 'goblin' looked like this. The blood had dried but it was still quite red:

Last month (September 2010) I took some photos of my bloodied underwear. It might be my last "pad-only" period (because I have been using a menstrual cup this month for the first time). My period surprised me by coming early (a 19 day cycle) when I was wearing white underwear. My period was heavier than usual. The blood avoided the pads that I was wearing & made a big mess on my undies. 

I wish I'd got the lighting better for the photo below because it turned out fairly grainy. I also wanted to get the red blood to 'stand out' more in the photo, but I wasn't sure how to do that (I guess I need a special photo editing programme?)