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Hello everyone! I am 16, almost 17. I recently joined and it's great to be able to communicate with others who share an interest in the honoring, instead of shaming menstruation. I've always had an interest in menstruation. I wanted my period SO badly for about 3 years before I actually got my period ( I was 13 when I started ). You always hear people say, oh you'll hate it once you get it. I never did hate it. I do get mild to severe cramps and sometimes my period can be a little inconvenient, but I've never hated it. There's something amazing about being able to create another person, you are truly creating life and menstrual blood is a symbol of that. I use a menstrual cup (Divacup) and I always felt that throwing my menstrual blood down the toilet was a shame and a waste. I have not painted with my blood, and don't have much of interest in doing that because I'm not much of a painter. I am trying to become more spiritual though and am planning on giving my blood back to Earth by pouring it on the ground. It feels kind of ridiculous but maybe it will feel right once I do it, knowing that my blood is nurturing the Earth instead of being chemically filtrated in a water processing plant like it's poison. I also think it would be very interesting to use my blood as ink. I have a quill pen and I am thinking about writing with my blood ( in a journal, that is private ). Anyways, I've started collecting my blood for that last 2 days of my cycle for these reasons, so here is my moon blood (with a moon stone).

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